Recent client successes!

*Names changed for client privacy

The IRS planned to confiscate $35,000 of Gene R.’s lawful inheritance for accidental late filing of Form 3520 to report the inheritance.  I led Gene through a nearly 1.5 year long successful appeal process to get the IRS to agree to abate the penalty entirely and protect all of Gene’s inheritance.  With my help, he owed nothing to the IRS!


Marjorie D. was facing $54,000 due in taxes on income that she never made due to an error in stock basis reporting from her employer.  I led Marjorie through the months-long appeal process to explain to the IRS how the employer made an error and wiped out Marjorie’s balance due entirely.   With my help, she did not have to pay the IRS anything!


Peter S.’s surviving family were denied receipt of his duly owed IRS refunds to the tune of $10,000.  I hounded the IRS for over a year, providing requested info, dealing with questions, and helping the IRS realize the presence of Peter’s rightful heirs.  With my help, Peter’s family got all of the money plus interest back from the IRS!


The state of Pennsylvania planned to make Mark M. pay double his fuel taxes to the tune of nearly $24,000 simply for failing to keep his paper receipts on credit card fuel purchases for his construction business.  I fought hard with the PA Department of Revenue and the Board of Appeals for over 6 months to appeal the unjust assessment.  With my help, we reached a compromise and Mark saved nearly $8,000!


Francine C. was in dire need of help to deal with an IRS audit of her business to occur the week before Christmas (what a gift).  I stepped in to act as her referee in the audit, working with two IRS field agents, knowing which questions the IRS was allowed to ask and which not.   With my help, the audit was conducted successfully and Francine’s rights were fully protected by keeping the scope of the audit focused and questions answered appropriately.